“Fartastic Tales” Series:

Lucas The Farting Leprechaun: A Funny Kid’s Picture Book About A Leprechaun Who Farts And Goes On An Adventure, Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Gift for Boys and Girls
(Fartastic Tales #1)
Benny The Farting Bunny Saves Easter: Funny Rhyming Read Aloud Illustrated Story Book For Kids – Easter Basket Stuffer Gift For Boys And Girls
(Fartastic Tales #2)
The Best Dad Ever – My Awesome Farting Father: A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book With Rhyming Story – Perfect Father’s Day Gift
(Fartastic Tales #3)
Hank The Farting Hippo: Hilarious Read Aloud Story Picture Book For Kids
(Fartastic Tales #4)

The Amazing Zoo Of Farting Animals: A Funny Early Reader Picture Book For Kids About Zoo Animals With Hilarious Farting Abilities
(Fartastic Tales #5)

The Fartastic Halloween Of Trixie The Witch: A Funny Kids Picture Book About A Young Witch Who Does Fart Magic
The Fartastic Halloween Of Trixie The Witch: A Funny Kids Picture Book About A Young Witch Who Does Fart Magic
(Fartastic Tales #6)

Gabe The Tooting Ghost: A Funny Halloween Picture Book For Kids and Adults About a Farting Ghost, A Read Aloud Halloween Story Book
(Fartastic Tales #7)

Terry The Tooting Turkey:
A Story About A Farting Turkey Who Tries To Escape Being Eaten
(Fartastic Tales #8)
Henry The Farting Heart:
A Funny Rhyming Valentine’s Day Book For Kids About A Tooting Heart
(Fartastic Tales #10)
Sammy The Tooting Snowman: A Funny Christmas Book For Kids About A Farting Snowman Who Helps Santa
(Fartastic Tales #9)

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About me:

My name is Joy Tyler and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.

As all parents know, taking care of 3 children is a full time job which doesn’t end with preparing food and washing clothes. Nurturing their curiosity and providing interesting pastimes led me to creating funny stories that are entertaining, get their attention and keep them occupied.

I decided to infuse modern day virtues, positive messages, traits and life lessons, like self-acceptance, helpfulness, happiness, honesty, responsibility, with funny adventures, scenes, characters and farts. Yes, farts. Because kids Love farts. They make them laugh, they immediately grab their interest and they help with their attention span, believe it or not. Reading a book that includes a funny character farting makes my kids wanting to read (or in some cases listen to me reading) more and more, to discover new happenings, new stories, eagerly anticipating a funny toot behind every new corner.

This, paired with my background as a professional fine artist, painter and illustrator, paved the way for me to become a children’s picture books author and illustrator. I hope you enjoy my books.